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Hello! We’re Texas Glass Works, an online headshop start-up based in Houston, TX . We’re dedicated to good products, good service, and serving good people. All of our products ship from Houston TX across the USA for free!

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Beautiful, Functional glass pieces blown right here in the USA.
A full selection of Texas Glass Works gear for the true supporters.
Electronic nails, for the perfect temp all the time.
A large selection of glass dabbers, pendants, carb caps and nectar collectors.
The very best ceramics on the market, all made from 100% Medical grade material.
Imported glass rigs, for function with a lower price.
A fine selection of quartz tips, bangers and electronic bangers.
100% Titanium nails, carbcaps and dabbers.
Our products are intended for Tobacco use or legal use only.
Check with your individual state for legality.

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