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About us

Based out of Houston, Texas Glass Works is an eCommerce of functional glass art that supports local glass blowers and local artists, as well as brand name and high end Artists alike. Many of the works we offer were blown right here in Texas or by different local artists. Here at Texas Glass Works we focus on glass that you won’t normally see in you smoke shop down the street. Our purpose is to not only support our own Texas artists but also provide the best glass we can, the best function we can, and the newest innovations in the glass industry today at a price you can afford. Our online glass gallery gives our customers the ability to shop for products from the comfort and privacy of their own home. In the future we look to expand to different areas ranging from the creation of our own brand, to inhouse sandblasting, and the opening of several store fronts.
Texas Glass Works features several artists from all over Texas that made us who we are today, as well as local artists and big names from around the U.S. The staff at Texas Glass Works is made up of very knowledgeable, and friendly individuals all ready to help you find whatever you need.
We’re just a bunch of glass, herbal and extract enthusiasts the same as you! Our biggest concern is without a doubt the customers, we couldn’t be here without you. We show up to work everyday with a smile on our faces, happy just to be surrounded with the glass culture. We are always scouting for experienced local artists to support, and our doors are always open to new possibilities. If interested or you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at and we will get right back with you. Thank you so much for supporting
us and local artists alike. All sales are shipped within 24 hours, no international shipping, 18 and up only!!!

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